Uses of function keys that you didn’t know

Uses of function keys that you didn't know

If we loop at to the left top the keyboard, we will see Esc key, after the key we will see the function key which start from F1 to F12.

We believe that some user didn’t know the uses of that function keys. that why we decide to create the post about Uses of function keys that you didn’t know for knowledge purpose.

The F letters on the key board stand for function, so it mean function1, function2, function3, …. function12

So let’s start explain the uses of these key function.


Open the Help Screen for almost every program. we can try this by click F1 key on every application we opened.


Allows you to rename a selected file or folder. Normally we need to right click and choose rename to do renaming, but with F2 key is the shortcut of renaming file or folder which we selected.


Opens a search feature for an application that is active at the moment. The key F3 also the shortcut of do searching. Example when on Chrome browser, when we click on key F3 it will show search dialog box.


This one is my favorite one, if we combine Alt key with F4 key it will closes the active window. Shortcut of exit or close.


Allows you to refresh or reload the page or document window. If on internet browser when we click F5 key it will reload the page that we working on. But if we do clicking on desktop or on window explore it will do refreshing.


The F6 key is most use with internet browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, … , when we click on F6 key it will highlight select the address bar. So after click that key we can just type any address URL we want to go and click Enter.


This key also my favorite tricky key. It work almost all with Microsoft Application Product such as Microsoft Word. Every time we click on F7 key it will do spell check and grammar check.


F8 Key is rarely use by normal user, it use often for IT user. They use it to access the boot menu in windows when turning on the computer.


It familiar to the F5 key, but it do Refreshing a document in Microsoft Word and also do sending and receiving e-mails in Microsoft Outlook.


For the F10 key it use for activating the menu bar of an open application. And if we combine they Shift key with F10 key, it will do click do right click on mouse.


This one the most hacked key function, it turn on Full-screen mode for all Internet Browsers.


And the last one is key F12, It is the shortcut of Save As click in Microsoft word. And for Internet Browsers it will popup Developer Tools windows.


Test these keys by your own risk, Hehe just kidding. The key function working depend on application developer, it mean it can do any shortcut or any action depend on the developer code it.