Life Story of Elon Musk

Elon Reeve Musk is a South African-born Canadian-American business magnate, investor, engineer, and inventor.

He is the founder of SpaceX, Tesla Inc., OpenAI, Neuralink. and also co-founder SolarCity, Zip2, PayPal.

Elon Musk was born in June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa. His father is a engineer and his mother is a model.



At age 3, he drifts off as if deaf (he was not) so parents get his adenoids removed.

He parents divorce, he chooses to live with his father at age 9.

He reads 10 hours per day and learns BASIC by finishing a 6-month course in 3 days. That why at age 8, the library runs out of books for him to read; He reads entire Encyclopedia Britannica.

Age 12 he sells his first writes video game Blastar for 500$, and his father start to takes him to work real work with him (his father). He also start his mission to save humanity.

He gets Canadian citizenship through his mother and move to Canada at age 17. He work many odd jobs and stay with his relatives.



By age of 18 he starts college in Ontario. start with job as a shoveling dirt in boiler room for $18/hour, than move to work as top exec of bank responds and offers an internship. At the bank he got noted as a genius but gets chewed out for using the exec coffee machine.

In 1994 he gets Wharton economics degree and later physics degree. After that he works two intern jobs in ultracapacitors research and video games.

He take only 2 days for leaves Stanford PhD. by the year of 1995 he start Zips with his brother by coding it by himself (hairballs). His father fund him $28,000 for his starting.


Family Life

He marrieds with his girlfriend Justine in 2000, and gets pushed out as CEO while he is on honeymoon.

By Jun 2008 he gets divorce. And he get second marries with Talulah Riley. Unfortunately in Mar 2012 his second married with Talulah Riley got divorces. But in Jul 2013 he get married with Reiley again.

His first son Nevada Alexander was born in May 2002. Sadly 10 weeks later in Jul 2002 his son dies from sudden infant death syndrome.

He gets twin sons through IVF in 2004 and the triplet sons are born in the end of 2006.


Working Life

The first investment money ($3M) raises in 1996. but he got pushed out from CEO to CTO by his investors.

3 year later (1999), he sale Zip2 for $22 Million. Than he starts (Online bank) in Mar 1999. He spend his $1 million on McLaren F1 and crashes it.


Mar 2000, he start merges with Confinity which forming to Paypal.

He focus his most money on Paypal regardless.

In 2001 he move to LA to be closer to the space industry and learns how to build rockets from books. In Oct 2001 he takes tirps to Russia to buy a rocket to sent to Mars. But the negotiations fail, He realizes rockets are artificially over pricesd (Feb 2002).

Jun 2002 he decide to start SpaceX to build his own rockets with his own money. By year 2002 in Oct he sales Paypal for $250 Million (After tax $180M).

He thinks about building electric cars and meets JB Straubel, electric car enthusiast in 2003.

In Apr 2004 he invests in Tesla, by suggestig JB and Tesla founders work together.


His first ever rocket launches and explodes in Mar 2006. And the second rocket launch fials in Mar 2007. Also the third rocket launches fails destroying 5 satellites aboard including NASA’s in Aug 2008. Event though the fourth rocket launches succeeds in Sep 2008. And wins NASA contract for 12 flights for $1.6B in Dec 2008.

By July 2006 he wins NASA contracts to demo cargo delivery to ISS and make Falcon-9.

In Aug 2006, he becomes 1st investor in SolarCity (cousins’ company).

The first Tesla customers get their Roadsters at $109,000 in Mar 2008.

SpaceX and Tesla are both running out of cash, he cries realizing SpaceX just barely escaped bankruptcy. But hours before Tesla would have gone bankgrupt, he raises runding in Dec 2008. After that in Mar 2009 he unveils the first Tesla model S.

Tesla Model S

In 2011 he promises to send humans to Mars by 2021-2031. To reduce coast of space flight 100 times cheaper, he announces reusable rockets. And Tesla unveils Model X (SUV) in Feb 2012 and In Jun 2012 he starts shipping the model S at $75,000. To make long distance driving, he launches supercharger network in Sep 2012. In Sept 2015 Model X get their first customers.

Tesla Model X

After announcing reusable rockets, in Dec 2015 the 1st reusable rocket to reach orbit landing succeeds.

He publishes the design of Hyperloop highs-speed rail in Aug 2013 and The Hyperloop trains will start running in 2020.

For rocket landing, he attempts to soft land rocket from orbit on water in Apr 2013 and land rocket from orbit on ship in Apr 2014.

End of 2017 he launches his largest rocket Falcon Heavy. And Mars Colonial Transporter will launches in 2025.

After 19 successful launches, on the 20th rocket launch fails. For Tesla, the Model 3 come with price $35000 get first customers in Mid of 2017.

Tesla Model 3

I would like to die on Mars, just not on impact. – Elon Musk

Tickets to Mars are $500,000 a piece, but not yet get specific year of publishing.